Why Choose Botanical Therapy?


Expiration Dates Matter

The active ingredient in all aromatherapy products are essential oils.  By themselves, essential oils maintain their potency for years. But once blended with carrier oils (found in all aromatherapy products) the active ingredients respond like picked berries - and begin to expire

What would you rather have?  Mystery-berries harvested on some undisclosed date, sprayed with chemical preservative, then stockpiled in a warehouse before quickly turning squishy on the discount table? Or the fresh strawberries just picked from the field? Fresh, right. That's why at Botanical Therapy all products are handcrafted to order.

We don't make your product until you order it. Fresh - that's one of our commitments to you. At Botanical Therapy your products are truly Made for You.



Temple, Inside AND Out

You try to exercise regularly, eat right, and embrace the concept of your body as a temple. You do the best you can.

Regardless of where you are on the body-is-a-temple scale, you wouldn't eat paint.  Yet, titanium dioxide is used as white pigment in paint.  And through dermal absorption, your skin 'digests' what it comes into contact with, whether its 1,4-Dioxane SLES in cosmetics or titanium dioxide used to whiten creams.   

So next time you're shopping for muscle rub, check if it contains PVM/MA Decadiene Crosspolymer and other chemicals you'd never consider eating.  After all, good health isn't just about what you put in your body, but also what you put on it. 

Care for your temple, inside AND out.



Don't Compromise. Customize.

Ever find yourself shopping and discovering an item that would be perfect - if you could just change one thing. Sometimes you get lucky. The jacket comes in blue. You can have a roll with your soup. The cute shoes are available in a size 8-Wide.  

Sometimes you're not so lucky. No shoes for you.

At Botanical Therapy you can always change that one thing. All products are customizable. Prefer the insomnia salve as an oil? Okay. Want the Ache and Pain Relief made with a little more oompf? No problem.  

If you can explain it, Botanical Therapy can create it.   

Don't settle for almost perfect. Contact Customer Service and have your perfect product Made for You. Let's go shopping!