Why Choose Botanical Therapy?


Expiration Dates Matter.

What would you rather have?  Old strawberries harvested on some undisclosed date, sprayed with chemical preservative, then stockpiled in a warehouse for who knows how long before hitting the store shelf? Or the fresh strawberries just picked from the field? Fresh, right. 

Likewise, by themselves, essential oils maintain their potency for years. But once blended with carrier oils the active ingredients respond like picked berries - and begin to expire. That's why at Botanical Therapy all products are handcrafted fresh to order.  We don't make your product until you order it.



Don't Compromise. Customize.

Ever find yourself shopping and discovering an item that would be perfect - if you could just change one thing?  At Botanical Therapy you can always change that one thing. Prefer the Insomnia Balm as an oil? Okay. Want the Deep Pain Balm made with a little more oompf? No problem. If you can explain it, Botanical Therapy can create it.

Don't settle for almost perfect. Contact Customer Service and have your perfect product Made for You




Tremendous care is put into the formulation, production, and packaging of your product. Our process honors the plants, the customer, and the research and wisdom of those who came before us.

Nature is amazing and its gifts should be treated as such. We encourage mindful plant harvesting and will never use animals for product testing. Botanical Therapy is about being in balance with nature, not exploiting it.  Using Botanical Therapy products for physical and psychological well-being means your conscious can be at ease too.