Lady’s Mantle


Though this herb is often considered a ‘woman’s herb’ due to the name and its benefits for the female reproductive system, it is also renowned for is tremendous healing properties and the ability to slow bleeding. The ability to slow bleeding comes from the high content of tannins, glycoside and salicylic acid.

Due to its shape, the leaves form a cup where dew is prone to collect and “well before the 18th Century in Europe, alchemists thought there was something magical about the plant, and particularly the properties in the dew it collected. They were said to use the drops to try and turn base metals into gold – hence the name Alchemilla, after the ancient practice of alchemy.”

  • Common Name: Lady’s Mantle (Bear’s Foot, Pied-de-lion, Lion’s Foot, Nine Hooks, Leontopodium, Stelleria, Frauenmantle)

  • Latin Name: Alchemilla vulgaris

  • Family: Rosaceae

  • Areas of Origin: Europe

  • Botanical Description: A perennial herb that can grow to 1.5’ and spread to 2.5’. The leaves are round with a ruffled edge with is serrated. They can grow to 6” across and are a light green. The plant has clusters of yellow-green, star shaped flowers which bloom in late spring to early summer. The entire plant is covered is soft hairs.

  • Parts Used: Ariel parts

  • Uses: Wound healing, diarrhea, gangrene, bleeding gums, helpful in reducing excessive menstrual flow, yeast infections, eases hot flashes and night sweats

  • Actions: Astringent, antiviral, antihemorrhagic, depurative, emmenagogue, tonic, styptic, vulnerary

  • Preparations: Infusion, extract

  • Taste: Bitter, astringent taste

  • Safety: May not be recommended for pregnant or nursing women.

  • Contraindications (Plant-Medication Combinations): None known.

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