Red Clover Blossoms – Materia Medica


Red clovers flowers are a delight to behold and taste when they appear in the spring, tasting almost honey-like with their sweetness. You can add them to a salad not only for their beauty, but for their medicinal benefits. These flowers can be found in many recipes and prepared products that are meant for women’s health. Red clover blossoms are beneficial for the uterus, they relax the nervous system, promote women’s fertility, are good for the glands, and restores and balances hormonal functions. This plant is of the Fabaceae or legume family which includes alfalfa, beans, lentils, and soybean to name a few.

  • Common Name: Red Clover Blossoms (Cow Clover, Meadow Clover, Wild Clover)

  • Latin Name: Trifolium partense L.

  • Family: Fabaceae

  • Areas of Origin: Northwest Africa, Asia, Europe

  • Botanical Description: A perennial plant that is found pastures, meadows and grass. The stems can grow from 1-2’ in height and are crowned with a red/pink/purple-pink flowering head which consists of several, tiny flowers. They bloom in late spring and can continue to do so until late fall. There are 1-3fuzzy leaves that can be found just below the flowering head.

  • Parts Used: Flowers and leaves

  • Uses: Good for bronchitis, sore throats, whooping coughs, bone health, menopause , PMS, female reproductive health

  • Actions: Mild antispasmodic, mild alterative, blood thinner, expectorant, sedative

  • Preparations: Infusion, extract, capsule, decorative food

  • Taste: Sweet

  • Safety: May not be suitable for use while pregnant. Avoid use for children under the age of 2 years old.

  • Contraindications (Plant-Medication Combinations): May interact with estrogen replacement therapy and anticoagulants.

Until next time, discover the power of welcoming nature’s healing plants into your life.



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