Third Eye Chakra


This is the sixth chapter in our seven week journey into the realm of chakras (energy centers) and what we can do to balance them and their corresponding emotional issues.

Third Eye Chakra (Ajna, 6th Chakra)

  • Sanskrit Derivation: Ajna (command)
  • Color: Indigo
  • Physical Location: The point between the eyebrows, center of forehead
  • Element: Light
  • Emotion: Intuition, imagination, clarity, balance

Third Eye Chakra Opportunities and Obstacles

  • Uses intuition (Opportunity) / Resists intuition, rigidly rational (Obstacle)
  • Feels oneness with others (Opportunity) / Views others as completely different (Obstacle)
  • Sees, hears and senses own inner truths (Opportunity) /  Has rigid internal walls, self-deceiving (Obstacle)
  • Deep or meaningful communication (Opportunity) / Surface or trivial communications (Obstacle)
  • Evolving consciousness (Opportunity) / Descending consciousness (Obstacle)

The third eye chakra is where our intuition is centered; it may be also expressed as the gut feeling we get in moments throughout life. That feeling or even 6th sense may have been discouraged while growing up, due to it not being in alignment with belief systems or it being far sound reasoning or science based. And this is also an area where we are able to take a hard look at ourselves to recognize and admit where we may need to make changes.

Balancing Ideas

Light is the element associated with the 6th energy center and it could also be viewed as intuition and clarity which allows us to tap in to our inner selves. Intuition is that feeling we can get while driving that prompts you take a different direction home. Does that mean we avoided a potential accident? We may not be given that answer, but nevertheless it’s important to being open to these feelings when they occur. This ability is more than just a warning device of something bad to avoid, it can also lead us to new things that were calling to us to explore.

To begin, we will focus on some affirmations to help open and cultivate your inner clarity. For this ritual sit down somewhere comfortable and ground yourself. Take a few, deep calming breaths and once you feel ready recite these affirmations to yourself:

  • I trust my intuition
  • I am connected to my true path and purpose
  • I have unlimited possibilities

When you feel comfortable with these, take a moment and think of how you react to your instinct. Do you dismiss it out of embarrassment considering it foolhardy or do you welcome it fully? Your inner self won’t lie to you if the message is coming from your spirit; trust in that. If your body/energy feels off at following direction, check in and see if those words are coming from your mind rather than deep within. When you feel at peace, know that you are being lead to the right thing. Use this practice of checking in the next time a gut feeling comes up because the more you trust it, the more frequently it will occur.

If our 6th chakra is in balance, it provides us with the opportunity to evaluate ourselves and see if there is something that needs to be changed. For example being a people pleaser may not sound like a negative thing, but it can be if it comes at the expense of our own happiness. Or perhaps we stifle our own creativity thinking it’s a waste of time to pursue. No matter what needs to be changed, recognize it and take a hard look at why you do so; is it something you learned to do or do you feel obligated to do so.

Dr. Norcross has a great online tool for noting the pros and cons of something you want to change, which includes coming from your point of view and from other peoples’ point of view. Once complete, set the list aside to review another day where you can look at it with fresh eyes. The pros will likely outweigh the cons at first because we’re so use to that behavior. Dedicate a little time each day to work on and evaluate how you are doing. Remember to be gentle with yourself during this period because as with anything it takes time to make changes and it can be uncomfortable at first and for a while during the transition.

Oftentimes it takes a drastic event in our lives for us to reevaluate things and feel pressured to make a difference. Why wait for this happens when we could benefit now! For additional tools, be sure to look at Dr. Norcross’ links titled Self-Change Exercises and Self-Assessments as he provides excellent and detailed information on this process.

“Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.” - Leo Tolstoy

Until next time, stay tuned for the final chapter in our Chakra journey.



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