Sacral Chakra

This is the second chapter in our seven week journey into the realm of chakras (energy centers) and what we can do to balance them and their corresponding emotional issues.

Sacral Chakra (Svadhisthana Chakra, 2nd Chakra)

Sanskrit Derivation: Sav (self); adhisthana (dwelling place)
Color: Orange
Physical Location: Pelvis, genital region
Element: Water
Emotion: Family, emotion, sensuality, pleasure, family

Sacral Chakra Opportunities and Obstacles

  • Sensitive, open (Opportunity) / Indifferent, cold (Obstacle)
  • Harmony, respect (Opportunity) / Disharmony, exploitation (Obstacle)
  • Healthy sexuality (Opportunity) / Sexual frigidity, addiction (Obstacle)
  • Self-reliance, autonomy (Opportunity) / Dependence, possessiveness (Obstacle)
  • Appreciation, contentment, open (Opportunity) / Envy, jealousy, passive/aggressive (Obstacle)

The sacral chakra is the seat of our emotions, creativity and sexuality. It is similar to the root chakra in that our families or those who raised us helped to mold our personalities. It can be hard to move past what can be perceived as a conditioned emotional response, but the key to this is recognizing that we have the power to change those obstacles.

Balancing Ideas
Water is the element which is associated with this particular energy center. We first existed in the world held safely within a watery environment of our mother’s stomach. As we developed and then were born, we maintained a significant level of water in our bodies. Water is life for without it we would perish.

To work with this element, you might want to make this a personal ritual in the comfort of your own home. To make this even more special, have lit candles in the bathroom, sea salts for the tub or a little soft music playing in the background. As the tub is filling, quiet your mind and ground yourself in the present and set the intent for what you’d like to work on; in this instance I would recommend emotion.

As you step into the bathtub take a moment and feel the water enveloping you in its nurturing touch and thank it for its presence. Know that this is a safe place to heal. As your breathing slows and you relax, bring some of these affirmations or your own to mind.

  • I create and foster healthy boundaries
  • I am able to equally give and receive
  • I can achieve anything I put my mind to

State the affirmations aloud and monitor yourself to see how the words resonate with you. If one feels uncomfortable, be sure to spend a bit more time on it to work through the process of balancing your emotions. Once you feel satisfied with your progress, drain the tub and allow emotions of old to wash down the drain freeing yourself of them. You can duplicate this process outside by sitting at the bank of a gentle stream or at the edge of an ocean with your feet submerged to allow yourself a better connection with the element.

Sex, sensuality and intimacy are just like emotions: they have their highs, lows, extremes or lack thereof. For this I want to focus on our individual power in regards to sex. Even with long time partners, it can be embarrassing to speak up about what one wants or needs from their partner. (Don’t worry; I’m not going to go all Dr. Ruth on you all.)

Rather than discussing your needs in the moment, do so outside of the bedroom in a focused discussion. Let your partner know the things you do enjoy or help you to better enjoy sex. Also discuss what you may want before and afterwards. Now allow your partner to reciprocate back. Make sure you are both clear about what is not permissible as it is in no way selfish to say no to something you don’t like or won’t do. Open communication is vital in every aspect of a relationship.

Another option to balancing your sacral chakra is to utilize crystals which are orange in color such as: amber, citrine or carnelian to name a few. Crystals resonate with their own frequency and their related color and given properties can help with balancing or harmonizing needs. You can use them in daily meditation, focusing on a specific chakra or utilizing them to work with all seven energy centers. Check out Crystals and Creations page in the links below for detailed information on how to work with crystals.

Until next time, stay tuned for the next chapter in our Chakra journey.


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