Sun Care Tips

As summer is just around the corner, we’ll look at some tips to keep our bodies protected while we enjoy the glorious radiance of the sun.

First and foremost is sunscreen; it is recommended that a SPF 30 or higher is used and one that offers broad-spectrum protection against UVA and UVB rays. You can still get a tan even if you use sunscreen so don’t go without it. In truth, it’s recommended that we use such products year round as we’re still exposed to the sun’s rays even if it’s cloudy out. Be sure to follow the directions on the label for reapplying and do so before you head outdoors.

Next thing you should do is invest in a pair of sunglasses. Most are created to provide our eyes with the same protection our skin needs. What’s great about shades is they come in so many styles that you can personalize them to your taste and outfits. Though I’ve always envied the coolness factor of the aviator sunglasses, my face shape is sadly not suited for them.

For those that have no desire to tan, it is recommended that you wear breathable long sleeve shirts and long pants. A hat is always a great idea as it protects your noggin and keeps you from squinting. Just like with sunglasses, there are a quite a few options of hats available to choose from.

Remember to keep hydrated with lots of water and limit those beverages that dehydrate you. You can also make some iced tea to take with you on your adventures.

Summer Iced Tea Recipe


  • Fill the paper tea filter with the herbs and tie/knot it shut
  • Add the herb packet and lime slice to a water bottle
  • Add ice
  • Fill the bottle with water

As the herbs are fresh they will flavor the water immediately. If you want a stronger flavor, bruise them before putting them in the paper filter. You can make the iced tea without a filter; it just makes it tidier to clean and keeps you from drinking the herbs.

Finally, remember to take breaks from the sun and sit in the shade. Excess exposure can cause headaches, overheating, sunburn and sunstroke. 

Until next time, enjoy the sun and beauty of each day!


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