Reader Appreciation #2

As part of our month long second anniversary celebration, Kitchen Cupboard Underground is having its second Reader Appreciation Contest.  (Contest #1 can be found here.)

As mentioned in the post Essential Oil Safety, knowing the Latin name of an essential oil is critically important as each one has different properties. For example, there are six rosemary essential oil chemotypes and each one has their own uses. This means that when you go to purchase an essential oil, be sure you are doing so based upon the Latin name rather than looking for a ‘generic’ as there is no such thing. 

And here's where the second Reader Appreciation Contest come in.

  1. Below is the Latin Name of an essential oil.
  2. You guess what the corresponding essential oil is.
  3. Send us your guess in a email (, snail mail, FaceBook private message, Tumblr message, BT customer service form, Vulcan Mind-Meld, or other form of communication before April 30th (last day of the month).
  4. If you guessed correctly we throw your name into a bowl.
  5. We'll pull ONE name from the bowl.  If it's your name you win your pick of any one product from Botanical Therapy, we'll even pay for the shipping.

Couple of rules and things.

  1. Submitting a correct guess doesn't guarantee you a prize.  But it does guarantee your name goes in the bowl.
  2. If you win, we'll contact you via the same way you contacted us.  You might want to submit your guess some way other than Vulcan Mind-Meld.  
  3. If you don't win, you won't be contacted for two reasons;  First, that'll take a long time and we have a blog to write.  Second, we're not spammers, we're just trying a fun way to say thanks to our readers.  
  4. And last but not least, please remember just because you don't win doesn't mean KCU doesn't love you.

Here's the essential oil's Latin Name:  Mentha x piperita

Until next time, discover the power of being appreciated!

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