CAM Practitioner Interview – Jordan Langen

Today’s interview is with Jordan Langen, a professional tarot reader. Tarot is a form of divination which taps into our own intuition, showing us what we may know deep down inside, but are not yet ready to admit to ourselves. The goal is to provide you, as a reader, the opportunity to learn about alternative forms of medicine, healing or tools that are available to you in your journey of wellness.  

I’ve had very few people read tarot card spreads for me and every time I asked for more information surrounding a particular scenario, the tarot cards would confirm what I already knew. The overarching lesson I learned each time was to trust myself. Many of us are taught early on in life to dismiss anything that resembles intuition, that sense of knowing, that we second guess ourselves more often than we care to admit. We seem trained to look for exterior validation for our hopes, dreams and aspirations. The beauty is that we already have the answer; we just have to remember look inside first.

I met Jordan several years ago and was immediately drawn to her welcoming smile and vivacious personality. I admire and appreciate the amazing detail she knows and remembers about each card and how she is able to link one to the next in conveying a response to your questions. Her passion of the tarot pulls you in like a storyteller casting her spell.

What are tarot readings?
Tarot is a set of symbols and archetypes that are combined into iconic images to produce an emotion that you can pull from. Tarot works because we have the ability to tap into spiritual information on a daily basis and I put a voice to that through tarot. I feel that it is important to respect what you want to know and what the tarot wants you know are two different things. People have a lot of issues with that. 

What made you interested in Tarot?
I grew up severely dyslexic and couldn’t read until about 4th grade. I spent a lot of time looking at pictures and deciding on what they meant to me. I grew up in a metaphysical household and was able to seek out my own beliefs. At 17, a friend brought a tarot deck over; she showed me the images and told me you can add power to them. 

What kind of training or background is necessary for this type of profession?
Tarot reading can have a margin of skill. We are trained to understand symbols; for example, we look at a father and think: logical, order, structure and balance. These are archetypes which we put out all over society and experience them throughout life. We see symbols everywhere. It helps to have an open mind about what can happen with tarot. 

What benefits can be expected from tarot?
You feel a release of emotions and are granted the benefit of viewing your situation in a new light. The reading may tell you that there is homework that needs to be done. People don’t give themselves the time to express or communicate; they continue to take on more and more responsibilities/obligations. It allows for self healing which people don’t think of as being productive. I find it good for plot and character development or as a really good meditation tool to sit and analyze the tarot. 

What are the risks, if any, associated with tarot?
There are some risks; it depends on the tarot reading. Some people have been traumatized by some tarot readers. There are psychics and intuitive tarot readers: one that defines from a higher source in some way, while others are more instinctual, and operate more from there gut; I am the later. One lady came in and told me of a past reading she receive where she was informed that her daughter was going to die. I find that unfair. My goal is that the person, regardless of situation, will feel better after talking to me. You might risk knowing too much with the wrong kind of psychic. 

Tarot will tell you the answer to your question whether you want to know or not. You will know what your future will entail whether you are prepared for it or not. Some people get readings while they are with a group of people; think carefully who you want with you when you have your cards read. You can be shown a mirror of yourself, which, in extremes, can be shocking. Most readings I give however people leave feeling relived and replenished 

How often would a person need to come back to a tarot reader? 
I feel like most people wait about one to three months before coming back. They’ll come back when they want to gain more insight. A client would complete “treatment” when they’re able to come to a greater sense of self in learning how to communicate with their subconscious in one of many ways

What are the most common concerns that people come to you for?
The most common concerns are about romance, money, work situations and social acceptance. In regards to love questions people want to be accepted by society, they want to belong with someone. One thing I just can’t say enough is if you want to be loved by others you have to feel some level of love for yourself to attract the relationship you dream of. 

Do you use CAM therapies exclusive of or along with your tarot readings?
Yes. Some great tools are numerology, social development and understanding of the movement and cycle of changes. Knowing how social structures work (psychology, sociology, etc.), what people are going through and want comes next. I also utilize the Lenormand cards or destiny cards which is a book that charts astrology by Robert Camp. 

How is your profession similar to conventional medicine?
Through tarot, I give people the ability to analyze themselves so they can improve their situations; like a psychologist or a counselor. 

How is your profession different from conventional medicine?
I ask people to assess more of their spiritual strength and abilities. I feel that it’s important to asses and look for cycles. People can have these thought provoking or spiritual experiences they would be too embarrassed, or lack an ability to verbalize to a physician. I feel like people are more open to me, it might be because they don't have to tell me anything if they don't want to so those who do tell me about their lives seem very open. Sometimes when you go to see a physician you have to say things that you don't want to talk about, making it more difficult to have an open dialog 

What are the barriers you see existing between conventional and complementary medicine?
Tarot carries such a metaphysical connotation and it’s doesn’t have to be that. It can be a place that has a sense of self analysis. Tarot is not religious; you can read tarot and still be practice your own faith based beliefs. Anyone can use tarot. By adding psychological connotations to work alongside with mysticism, tarot can help to dissolve barriers. 

How do you think alternative and conventional practitioners can work together better?
If we could dissolve more barriers within the religious community, tarot readers could be more accepted. This is being spearheaded with Angel tarot and oracle decks. If one could see it under a social study lens tarot could play a bigger role. It’s a tool to explore opinions about the self. 

What is your vision of the optimal health care system?
We have the ability, through our beliefs to shape our environment. Embrace that. 

Any words of advice for my readers?
There is a rumor that needs to be tramped down that you have to wait for someone to buy you a tarot deck before you can have them. Tarot is a gift to yourself; you don’t have to wait. You are a talented reader already by existing in society and absorbing archetypes throughout you life time. People are as talented as they believe they are. Go with your gut reaction. Speak your gut. It’s so repressed to voice a prediction when you feel it, then we don't say anything and we realize we would have been right. If it won’t hurt your environment, why not speak up and admit what your gut wants the world to know. Believe you are a metaphysical being already. Don’t give away your personal power or freedom. I want people to believe that they can do things for themselves. They don’t need to buy the next thing. Trust themselves and their instincts. 

If you are interested in meeting Jordan for an appointment, you can reach her via website:

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