World Water Day – March 22

World Water Day is held every March 22nd to focus “attention on the importance of freshwater and advocating for the sustainable management of freshwater resources.” This day was proposed at a United Nations conference on Environment and Development in Rio de Janeiro in 1992; it was adopted and officially began on March 22, 1993. 

This year’s theme is “Why Wastewater” which encourages us to find feasible and affordable ways to reuse clean and greywater. Clean water can come from washing fruits or vegetables and greywater is from baths, washing machines or other appliances. 

There are many ways you can reuse water, some of these include:

  • Using a bucket, collect the cold water that runs before taking a shower or tub and use for outdoor usage.
  • Save the water used to clean fruits and vegetables in a pot below the colander and use for outdoor usage, indoor plants or to flush a toilet. 
  • Install a rain barrel for outdoor usage. (Be sure to check your local jurisdiction as in some areas it is considered illegal.)
  • Boil stale/leftover drinking water used for consumption, use for outdoor usage or indoor plants.
  • Overwater your indoor plants? Pour the excess out onto another plant.
  • Recycle aquarium water, freshwater only, from water changes and use for outdoor usage or indoor plants.


In additional to finding ways to reuse water, March 22 is also a day for the event Bless the Water which has occurred for the past three years. On this day, “gather at your local water source, or homes, and place good intentions and prayers into the Water. Let’s stand in solidarity with the World’s Water Protectors and take the first step towards cleaning and restoring the world's water."

You don’t need any special or fancy items to do this. All you need is yourself and a heartfelt prayer. Go somewhere you feel would have the most impact like a local stream, river, lake or the ocean. Take a moment to quite yourself and begin to form your intention and prayer. When you are ready, say your prayer either aloud or internally and end with giving thanks for the life water give us.

Water is as alive as you or I and deserves the same respect. For an interesting and forward thinking article about this, see the link below where a river in New Zealand was recently given the legal status of a person. 

Until next time, remember the power of water.


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