Day Planners

Stress affects mental wellness.  And for many, one of the most common causes of stress is the notorious hectic day. Day planners are a great way to organize our lives when it comes to work, school, appointments and other important dates. Though our cell phones and tablets can be used, there are still a majority of people who continue to utilize bound day planners. There are numerous styles to be had that break down the month, day and time to keep our busy lives on track. 

The historical use of a day planner was for work/school time management; due to the fact that they help to keep one’s sanity when trying to remember the bazillion things we need to track at work. However as electronic communication becomes more constant, the lines separating work/school and life have become more blurred. Life does exist beyond our 9-5 weekly grind and those needs are just as important, if not more than, what we do to make a living. Modern day planners now include tools to help schedule the most important event: life.

The hours before and after work is our most precious time; it’s where we live life and express ourselves. Day planners have caught up to this fact and are tailored to suit just about any lifestyle or need. Here are a few examples and their key features:

Be Well Fitness Log $29.99
Sleek with two style options of Blue Herringbone and Wooden Stripe. Spiral bound which allows it to lie flat. 3-Month plan (for mini goals); goal setting; weight and measurements; daily logging for meals/snacks/water, exercise and focus; and video tutorials. 6”x8”

Cog Toolz Wellness Planner $19.95
Five different colors to choose from; includes a cartoon brain drawn in the lower right corner. Spiral bound which allows it to lie flat. Monthly layout with coloring sections; mood tracker; weekly: reflection, focus and gratitude list; goal setting; thought tracking; safety plan; and positive affirmations. Website includes additional resources and a blog. 6”x9”

Rituals for Living Dreambook + Planner $48.00
A white bound book that has a lovely mandala-like, embossed image on the front. A dreaming section to connect with life’s true desires; planning sessions for 1, 3, 5, 10 year and lifetime goals; monthly, quarter and daily scheduling; rituals and activities; daily reflection; weekly focus; PDF version available. 

I have the PDF version of this and love it! It took me about a month to do the prep work as there are a lot of deep questions to answer in the quest to find your life’s focus. This work helped me to let go of a venture that wasn’t serving my highest purpose and it put the rest of my work back in to focus, front and center. Don’t let my experience deter you; it is well worth the effort! 

Visionary Journal 3.0 $55.00
Chose from Black or Galaxy, which is a riot of heavenly colors. Spiral bound which allows it to lie flat. Monthly calendar with a week at-a-glace that has 6am-11pm scheduling; SMART goals, 90-day action plan; goal brainstorming and action plans; mini vision board; and monthly reflection pages. 7.5”x9.75”

This is only a small fraction of the planners that are available to purchase or download. You can find ones focused on academics, pregnancy, weddings, business, travel, relaxation and so much more. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, I recommend checking out sites like Pinterest to gather ideas to make your own. Many companies make motivational and reminder stickers to jazz up each day along with fancy pens and highlighters to capture important tasks.

Though planners are a wonderful tool, they are only effective if we actually use them. Putting pen to paper adds an air of commitment to those tasks, which can be frightening or daunting. If you are willing to take the necessary steps, working towards any goal can be greatly rewarding!

Until next time, discover the power of making your goals a priority. 

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