Cold & Flu Herbal Honey

As we are coming in to germ season, I decided to change up my cold and flu syrup and make it as an herbal honey. My previous recipe included alcohol as a preservative; however some people have alcohol intolerance or simply want to avoid it.

This year I also added yarrow flowers, licorice root and chili flakes to the mix. You can tailor the recipe to suit your needs and taste, especially if you can’t find one of the ingredients or don’t care for one of them.


Cold & Flu Herbal Honey Recipe

  • 0.50 oz. Elderberries – Good for bronchitis, colds, congestion, cough, flu, immune boosting, sinus, sore throats; antiviral
  • 0.20 oz. Peppermint – Good for bronchitis, colds, congestion, fatigue, flu, nausea, pain relief, sinus; analgesic, expectorant
  • 0.50 oz. Ginger Root – Good for colds, digestion, flu, nausea, pain relief, warming; analgesic
  • 0.50 oz. Lemon Peel – Good for sore throats; antibacterial, antiviral; vitamin C
  • 0.20 oz. Yarrow Flowers – Good for colds; anti-inflammatory, antibacterial
  • 0.45 oz. Licorice Root – Good for bronchitis, colds, fatigue, sore throats
  • 0.10 oz. Chili Flakes – Good for congestion, immune boosting, pain relief, warming; anti-inflammatory, analgesic
  • 20 oz. Honey – Good for colds, cough, immune boosting; antibacterial, antimicrobial
  • Quart jar with lid
  • Rubber spatula
  • Crockpot with a warm setting or a large sauce pan


  1. Be sure to use fully dried herbs as you don’t want any moisture in the mix, which can cause spoilage
  2. Measure out all of the dried ingredients and honey and place into a Crockpot or sauce pan
  3. Stir well to fully blend
  4. If you are using a Crockpot, turn the dial to warm and if you are using a sauce pan, turn the temperature to medium – (Do not use a cover as condensation will form, which can encourage spoilage.)
  5. Be sure the mixture doesn’t boil as you will release beneficial properties, from the herbs and honey, into the air. If the mixture boils in the sauce pan, turn the heat to medium-low
  6. Allow the mixture to slowly warm over the course of the day, stirring often (Never leave this process unattended.)
  7. As the elderberries become infused, their color will be released into the honey causing it to become a darker color
  8. Turn the heat source off at the end of the day and allow the mixture to sit uncovered
  9. It is ideal to repeat this process a second day to allow for maximum infusion of the honey (You could start this process on a Saturday morning and finish Sunday evening.)
  10. Once this process is complete, place the herbed honey into a quart jar and allow it to cool before using a lid
Cold and Flu Herbal Honey

You will see from my pictures I chose to warm my honey directly in quart jars, via a water bath using a crockpot. I discovered this to be a tedious method and will use the method described above for my next batch. I had thought my original method would save me any cleaning to be done, but it prolonged the heating period because of the indirect heating.

Because of the immune boosting properties, it works great when you’re just feeling the inkling of a cold or are around sick people. For whatever your need, use a level ½ teaspoon of the honey (less for young children) and add it to hot water or hot tea. To avoid drinking the herbs you can add it to a tea diffuser ball or paper teabag filter. Due to the natural laxative properties of the elderberries, it is recommended that you do not consume this honey more than three (3) times a day. It is also recommended to avoid giving honey to children under two (2) years old.

The taste of the honey is quite pleasing and only has an occasional, gentle bite of ginger or the chili flakes. This is has quickly become a new favorite in my household and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it as well.

Until next time, discover the power of making your own natural remedies!

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