Therapeutic Foods

Considering that many of us are trained to view fruits, herbs and vegetables as merely food, a garnish or tea, it can be hard to reconcile the fact that they have medicinal benefits. Prior to the advent of modern medicine, we treated ourselves at home with the foods we had on hand. We knew the proper balance of eating various items to keep ourselves healthy. 

Yes we know that Echinacea is good to take when you’re sick or that you can drink valerian tea to help as a sleep aid. But stop for a moment and imagine what life would be like if we had limited access to modern health care or if it was too expensive to afford. What would you do and where would you turn if you got sick? The answer lies in your kitchen cupboards and fridge. For more serious issues, we would still need to rely on professional medical care.

Let’s take a look at some foods and herbs that can be used to ease various ailments:

  • Apples: Good for constipation relief – Anti-inflammatory
  • Bananas: Aids in the elimination of uric acid which provides relief from arthritis and gout
  • Beets: Detoxifies the liver and blood – Anti-inflammatory 
  • Blueberries: Blood purifier, improves blood circulation, helps with anemia and constipation
  • Cabbages: The juice helps to heal ulcers and is good for reducing fluid retention
  • Chili Peppers: Opens up the sinuses and air passages, breaks up mucus, prevents bronchitis, pain killer, good for headaches and joint pain relief – Expectorant, decongestant, antibacterial, antioxidant
  • Cloves: Great at reducing the pain of a toothache – Anti-inflammatory 
  • Cranberries: Helps with UTI’s – Antiviral, antibiotic 
  • Garlic: Stimulates the immune and digestive system, lowers blood pressure, reduce body inflammation and great for the respiratory track – Antibiotic
  • Ginger: Good for nausea, vomiting, headaches, colds, diarrhea and arthritis – Anti-nausea, anti-thrombotic, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, 
  • Honey: Good for easing sore throats – antibiotic
  • Mustard: Breaks up mucus and relieves congestion – Decongestant, expectorant
  • Onions: Lowers cholesterol, fights asthma, helps with colds, the flu, bronchitis, diabetes and infection – Antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antibiotic, antiviral

The great news is this list is only a small fraction of the therapeutic foods available. Should you want to discover more the best search query you could do is medicinal benefits of … and insert what you want to look up. Try out medicinal benefits of peppermint and see for yourself all of the amazing benefits it has to offer. 

Should you want to look specifically at herbs, my all-time favorite website (after Kitchen Cupboard Underground) is Annie’s Remedy. When you get to the main page, there are three tabs at the top titled: 

  • Herb Chart – includes an A-Z listing of herbs
  • Herbal Remedies – includes specific ailments, aromatherapy, first aid, herbal teas and how to make herbal remedies
  • Herb Store – which includes a link to Mountain Rose Herbs where you can purchase various herbs essential oils, teas and other great ingredients

Now when you eat a meal, imagine all of the therapeutic benefits you are receiving with every bite! 

Until next time, discover the power of harnessing your wellness at home.


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