Essential Oils – Helichrysum

Helichrysum is a powerful and well sought after essential oil. It is used in facial care products as it is believed to smooth the appearance of skin, soften and moisturize. Though this is by no means the limit of what this plant can do. It is also favored for its healing ability for cuts, muscle aches and acne as well as being antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and anti antifungal to name a few.  

Name of Oil: Helichrysum (Everlast or Imortelle) – Helios (sun), chrysos (gold)
Latin Name: Helichrysum italicum
Areas of Origin: India, Egypt and Europe
Historical Use: The dried flowers were offered to the Greek gods as offerings.
General Growth, Habitat: It grows up to 24” with a branched stem and silver-green scented leaves and dark yellow, daisy-like flowers.
Parts Used in Distillation: Flowering tops
Scent: Sweet, strong, herbaceous, rich, caramel and honey-like notes.
Uses: Acne, spasms, asthma, allergies and muscle pain. 
Emotional Use:  It can make one feel secure and safe; calming/centering.
Safety: Those with epilepsy should avoid this oil along with people with high blood pressure and pregnant women.

Extra Tidbits:
Add one drop of helichrysum to one tablespoon of carrier oil and store in a sterilized glass jar, keeping away from heat and direct light. Use this oil to:

  • Smooth the appearance of skin – gently massage a small amount of the oil onto the face and neck 
  • Reduce acne – spot treat acne with the oil
  • Ease aches and pains – massage some oil into the area of pain (sprains, strains, inflammation, headaches, etc.)
  • Reduce bruises – gently massage a small amount of the oil onto a bruise, twice daily

Though Helichrysum does have such wide and varied benefits, it is recommended to save it for facial care use as there are many other, easily affordable essential oils that can provide the same benefit for less.  Helichrysum requires one ton of the flowering tops to yield a little over two pounds of the essential oil. Given the rarity of this essential oil, it does come with a higher price tag starting around $39 for 1/8 oz. To put that into perspective, a water bottle sized container of helichysum would cost $4,992.  So should you want to experiment with this oil, it is recommended that you do some research first to ensure maximum use and benefit. 

Until next time, discover the power of welcoming essential oils into your life.

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