Resting When Sick

For some people, sleeping or resting when sick can be challenging. I was one of those people that would show up to work no matter how ill.  And although I managed to show up, I was never 100% productive. My mother would tell me to stay home and that instead of trying to work, I should be directing my energy into getting better.

Eventually I caught onto the lesson she was trying to teach me: learn to rest.  Resting, not suffering through it, is how we overcome illness.  Sleep heals and repairs the body.  It allows the immune system to combat diseases, bacteria and viruses. Simply being still and resting is immensely helpful.  When sick, give yourself full permission to focus on getting well. Postpone the housework, yard work, homework, etc until after you’re well.  Use this time rest. Catch up on your favorite shows, read a book or surf the internet from the comfort of your couch or bed.

 Healthy resting includes naps; as many as your body needs. It’s ok to drift off and snooze for short periods of time. The benefits of napping are:

  • Relaxation
  • Reduced fatigue
  • Increased alertness
  • Improved mood

So now that you have mastered resting and napping, there are other things you can do to get better which include:

  • Drinking plenty of liquids; coffee doesn’t count here
  • Taking appropriate over the counter medicines or better yet, use a natural remedy
  • Washing hands frequently especially after blowing your nose or using the bathroom
  • Taking a shower can help you feel refreshed by washing off the mental crud and helping to soothe and relax your body.
  • Having a bowl of soup helps to ease a sore throat and the steam can open up congested sinuses. The simplicity of consuming soup can be quite uplifting.  Many people recall being fed soup during childhood.
  • If you have a cat or dog, let them snuggle up and comfort you as they can sense when you don’t feel well
  • Allowing a family member to care for you makes them feel good knowing that their gesture of love is welcomed

If you are interested in some additional recommendations, head over to my Pinterest board titled Survival Kit – Cough, Cold & Flu

Until next time, discover the power of resting.

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