Tender Vittles

A few weeks ago I experienced an odd feeling of my legs being bruised for no apparent reason; making it quite tender and sensitive to the touch. Wait. So where the heck does the name Tender Vittles come from? Well it sounded better than, ‘My Legs Hurt for No Apparent Reason’ blog title. 

I’ve experienced this before on different parts of my body and have never been able to figure out what was going on until now. I discovered that it was caused by stress and/or anxiety which creates the flight or fight response, which in turn makes muscles tighten up. Should this occur too often, the body remains in a state of stress-response hyper-stimulation which continues long after the stress/anxiety have passed. This causes the body to:

  • Have aches and pains that seem unexplainable
  • Feel like there’s a spot on your body, spots on your body or your entire body is sore, tender, painful, achy or bruised
  • Feel like every bone in your body aches
  • Feel like you’ve been beaten with a meat tenderizer.

Keep in mind that there may be other medical reasons for your body to ache or feel painful for no obvious reason. I knew that mine were related to stress as I had gone through some stressful, anxiety producing situations for a few days prior to the aches occurred. 

Rather than providing an aftercare remedy for this post, I’m going to focus on preventative measures; here we need to work on reducing stress/anxiety. Some ways we can do this are:

  • Try meditation and/or yoga (This can be done at home for free)
  • Go for a walk outside and connect with nature (Try walking bare feet to really connect)
  • Exercise is known to reduce stress (No groaning)
  • Get regular massages to alleviate anxiety/stress/body pain and improve overall wellbeing (If there’s a massage school near you, their rates are generally lower as the students are still learning techniques) 
  • Avoid sugar, gluten and processed foods during times of stress as they can aggravate it (No you won’t die without that can of Coke)
  • Use art therapy to reduce stress (This can be as cheap or as expensive as you want)
  • Oolong tea provides a sense of calming (Insert Zen moment)
  • Consider consuming a small portion of dark chocolate when experiencing anxiety to reduce cortisol levels; the hormone which can cause anxiety symptoms (And I don’t mean eating regular chocolate with the lights off to ‘make’ it dark)

Check out these links for some additional ideas:

Until next time, discover the power of reducing anxiety and stress naturally.

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