Essential Oils - Tea Tree

Tea tree essential oil is another great addition to a home remedy/emergency kit.  It’s great for combating lice, athlete’s foot, warts, mold and mildew. Tea tree has long been used by the Native Aboriginals of Australia for coughs, colds, and applied to wounds and to treat sore throats and skin ailments. Though the smell is quite medicinal and may be a little off putting, don’t let that deter you from experiencing its amazing benefits!

Name of Oil: Tea Tree
Latin Name: Melaleuca alternifolia
Countries of Origin: Australia
Historical Use: WWII producers and cutters were exempt from the services to harvest tea tree.
General Growth, Habitat: Tea tree is a shrub that thrives in marshy areas and grows 20’ high. It has needle-like leaves and heads of yellow or purplish flowers.
Parts Used in Distillation: Leaves and twigs.
Scent: Medicinal, woody/earthy.
Uses: Fungal infections, bronchitis, colds, wounds, tonsillitis. 
Emotional Use: Refreshing and cleansing.
Safety: May cause irritation to sensitive skin. 

Extra Tidbits:

  • To combat lice, add 1 drop of tea tree essential oil to some shampoo and wash as normal
  • To fight nail fungus, add 1 drop of tea tree essential oil to 1 teaspoon of olive oil and apply to the infected area. (Please note that using this method may take a while to see results.)
  • To repel pests, add about 20 drops of tea tree essential oil to a spray bottle filled with water. Shake each time before use and spray around areas that pests enter the home

Until next time, discover the power of welcoming essential oils into your life.

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