Exercise Motivation

I am one of those people who have absolutely no interest or desire to exercise. I like to blame my father and say that he sucked up all of the fitness genes and left none for me. Until recently, I had not found anything sufficient to bargain <ahem> motivate myself to sweat. 

After several conversations with friends about fitness trackers, I purchased the Fitbit Alta for the fact that it would buzz, reminding the wearer to achieve 250 steps for that hour. Considering that my job is comprised mostly of sitting all day, I need that reminder to get up and move around the house. So when the buzz hits, a hilarious dance routine ensues to maximize those 10 minutes.

It’s funny to realize, but as kids we didn’t need motivation to exercise. We ran around like little maniacs because it was fun. Do what you can to recapture that spark of enjoyment and play. The point is to move our bodies. And what’s great is that there is something that will motivate even the most stubborn of hearts. Some of these include:

  • Play hard like a kid
  • Water aerobics (Add a swim cap for instant celebrity confidence; it works for me!)
  • Run around your neighborhood to catch that elusive Pokémon 
  • Take karate lessons
  • Take the dog out for a stroll
  • Get new workout tennis shoes 
  • Watch on demand movies while exercising
  • Pay yourself a fixed amount each time you exercise and use that money for a new outfit or massage
  • Rock to some awesome songs at high volume and sing to your heart’s content
  • Get a workout buddy or join an online group to encourage and motivate each other 
  • Burn stress and alleviate anxiety
  • Feel good endorphins afterwards

There are so many ways to motivate yourself to exercise; find one or two that works for you or mix them up weekly. So far my combination is using the Fitbit and seeing how many steps friends are doing (friendly competition) and watching TV series on my tablet while walking on a treadmill.  

You don’t have to exercise aggressively for overall health benefits. There are recommendations to do moderate aerobic workouts for 30 minutes, 5 days a week. If that is a challenge, start with 3 days a week and then later increase that to 5+ days. The point is to do something and be proud of yourself for what you can achieve at each step of the way. 

Until next time, discover the power of putting on your tennis shoes and seeing where your feet will take you.

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