Carrier Oil - Sweet Almond Oil

Those new to aromatherapy or the casual use of essential oils, will quickly find themselves in need of carrier oil. Theses oils are a means to dilute essential oils and render them safe to apply to the skin. Without them, essential oils could irritate the skin or cause a significant, negative reaction due to their highly concentrated nature. Carrier oils are made from a variety of plant sources some of which include:

  • Apricot kernel
  • Avocado
  • Coconut
  • Grape seed
  • Green Tea
  • Hemp
  • Macadamia nut
  • Rice Bran

Not only do carrier oils aid in diluting essential oils, they also have wonderful skin benefits which include: moisturizing, healing, softening and hydrating to name a few. Learning about these oils will aid you in the formulation of aromatherapy products to maximize the desired benefits. 

Please keep in mind that when you are searching for carrier oils to purchase, make sure that they are for therapeutic use and not for cooking. Though the ones meant for cooking will safely deliver essential oils to the skin, they will lack their beneficial properties due to the processing the plant matter when through. 

Lastly, until you become experienced with how much carrier oils you will use and the variety you would like, it is recommended to limit your initial purchase to one or two oils. You’ll be surprised to find out that a little goes a long way. Proper storage requires that the oils be kept in a cool, dark location and their expiration date noted. Now let’s dig in and see what these oils have to offer us.

Name of Oil: Sweet Almond Oil
Latin Name: Prunus dulcis
Areas of Origin: Mediterranean countries, California
Parts Used: Nut
Scent: Faintly nutty
Color: Light gold
Benefits: Rich in Vitamin E, monounsaturated oleic acid, linoleic acid, and saturated fatty acid; mild, hypoallergenic. 
Average Cost: $5.60 for 16 oz.
Shelf Life: 12 months
Safety: Those with nut allergies may want to avoid sweet almond oil

Extra Tidbits:

  • Excellent for massage or body oil due to its light, non-greasy feel – add 1-2 drops of a soothing essential oil like lavender or chamomile to make for a relaxing massage
  • A good addition to sugar/salt scrub recipes for its softening properties
  • To keep hands moisturized, massage a small amount into each hand, fingers and nails daily

Until next time, discover the power of exploring new carrier oils.

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