Essential Oils – Frankincense

Frankincense essential oil is one of my top favorite smelling oils. It’s hard to describe as the scent is elusive; a bit sweet, green and sharp, almost like bergamot. The essential oil comes from resin tapped from the boswellia tree. Once the resin has been gathered, it is dried and allowed to harden. Frankincense was burned as incense in the temples of Ra and Horus and Queen Sheba gave numerous boswellia trees to King Solomon. It is also used in perfumes, cosmetics and soaps and was used to scent clothing. 

Name of Oil: Frankincense
Latin Name: Boswellia cateri
Areas of Origin: Middle East, China
Historical Use: Frankincense was used as an offering to the gods and is still found in churches.
General Growth, Habitat: A tree with papery, peeling bark that grows in the desert woodlands on rocky slopes and gullies. It has a growth of up to 20’ and has leaves which are at the tops of the branches and white flowers.
Parts Used in Distillation: Gum resin
Scent: Slightly citrus, lightly spicy, woody
Uses: Asthma, depression, stress, ulcers, vertigo
Emotional Use: Uplifting and centering
Safety: Skin sensitization may occur if the essential oil has oxidized

Extra Tidbits:

  • Add one drop of frankincense to a tablespoon of a carrier oil and place behind the ears to alleviate the symptoms of vertigo
  • Add a few drops of frankincense to a diffuser to relieve stress and combat anxiety
  • Add a few drops of frankincense to a diffuser and breath in scent to alleviate symptoms of allergies

Until next time, discover the power of welcoming essential oils into your life.

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