Origin Story

Botanical Therapy was founded in December of 2014, but the goal of helping people by making natural remedies began long before that.  It all started with my father. Like most, he suffered from various aches and pains. And like any daughter, I wanted to help.

One day I came across a post on Facebook showing someone’s natural healing salve. I immediately got excited and began researching which natural remedies would work for my dad. The first book I purchased was Stephanie Tourles’ book titled “Hands-On Healing Remedies.” For any budding aromatherapist or herbalist, this is a must have for your personal library.

Thus began my journey to advocate for natural remedies. Wanting the best for my dad, I decided to make the salve myself.

What ensued next were many trips to various stores to build my inventory of essential and carrier oils, herbs, more books, mixing bowls and just about one of everything on the shelves. My father was quite willing to try out the fruits of my mixing bowl and provide feedback. A coworker heard that I was making natural remedies and asked for help with a malady. Word spread. As I grew comfortable with the recipes, I enrolled in an aromatherapy program and began to formulate my own recipes. 

I was making natural remedies. The remedies were making people feel good. That was making me feel good.  Thus came that decisive moment in any origin story.

In a leap of faith, I left a full time job of 5 years to launch BotanicalTherapy.com on March 27, 2015. Since then I’ve been making natural remedies and providing advocacy through Kitchen Cupboard Underground, to reintroduce people to natural wellness and home remedies. 

So that’s the origin of Botanical Therapy, now you know the story. Now it’s time for you to create your own.  If you know what you’re supposed to do, but you’re not doing it, find a way. Yep, there’s that list of responsibilities; work, school, bills that might slow you down.  But don’t let that list stop you. 

If you haven’t found your calling yet, go look for it. Talk to people, try new things, explore. You have a gift, find it, share it. 

Until next time, discover your origin story.

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