Stop Smoking

For many people it can be extremely hard to kick the cigarette habit and for others they can simply quit cold turkey. I am one of those that were able to quit cold turkey; I chalk it up to the fact that I never smoked enough to become truly addicted. What can help is the belief in oneself of mind over matter, ignoring all temptations to giving in. The flip side is the challenge of battling the addiction, withdrawals, the oral fixation of physically smoking, the stress relief it provides, the habit of smoking with drinking, and so on.

For those that opt to quit smoking, there are things you can do to aid you in this process. The first is to drink plenty of water to flush out the toxins. The second can be picking up a number of the steps recommended by the CDC (2015) such as: 


  1. Set a quit date
  2. Tell family and friends you plan to quit
  3. Anticipate and plan for challenges while quitting
  4. Remove cigarettes and other tobacco from your home, car, and work
  5. Talk to your doctor or pharmacist about quit options

The third step is to address the oral fixation of smoking by chewing on a licorice root stick. Not only does this give you a feeling of having something in your mouth, the licorice soothes lungs irritated from smoking, reduces fatigue and restores energy. The forth step is to combat the cravings with Asian or American ginseng as it contains anti-carcinogenic, anti-nausea, anti-stress and detoxifying properties.

The easiest way to consume the ginseng is in a tea format. You can purchase the dried herb from your local herbalist or as a readymade tea from your local food co-op. I listed a link to Amazon for a Ginseng Vitality tea by Yogi as it contains both the ginseng and licorice. 

The licorice root can be purchased from your local herbalist or from an online distributor such as Mountain Rose Herbs. What I appreciate about Mountain Rose Herbs is that they are thorough in the information they provide. This includes the: common name; botanical name; introduction; constituents; parts used; typical preparations; summary; references; precautions. Being mindful of the precautions listed is very important. It will let you know if you should avoid that herb if you have an ailment or particular situation that cautions against it.

If you need support from those outside your circle of family and friends, try social media sites to connect with others. Many groups out there provide encouragement and support to one another.  

If you must smoke, why not try 100% pure tobacco leaf? I’m not trying to vilify tobacco overall, just the cigarettes that are filled with unnecessary chemicals.

Until next time, discover the power of freeing yourself from the cigarette habit.


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