Bad Breath

Like it or not, all of us wake up with less than ideal breath in the morning; but for others, they suffer bad breath on a constant basis.  Technically this is called halitosis which can be a result of poor dental hygiene, gum disease, yeast infections, dry mouth, certain illnesses, food, dentures and tobacco use (Dental Health, 2014).  

To tackle this issue, it is best to eliminate all possible culprits.  As exhausting as the oral hygiene list a dentist gives, it can save you all sorts of grief if you follow it.  Do you have gum disease, denture issues, a yeast infection or are sick?  Have your dentist or doctor, as appropriate, check this out to remedy the situation.  

Dry mouth is best addressed by a health care professional as there are many things that can lead to this.  If you only experience bad breath when you eat certain things, keep a food journal and notate that day’s meals when you experience bad breath.  Some things are obvious like garlic or onions; but it can also be that a certain food is not sitting well in your stomach.  For chronic smokers, brushing your teeth, chewing gum or gargling with mouth wash may not alleviate the odor left behind.  The remedy for this is to quit smoking.

While you’re addressing the root cause of bad breath, head to your kitchen cupboard and grab the baking soda.  That box has the ability to restore pH balance and has antiseptic and antifungal properties.

Bad Breath Relief Recipe

  • 1 Teaspoon of baking soda
  • Toothbrush
  • Water
  • Cup

Nighttime Brushing

  • Wet toothbrush with water
  • Dispense baking soda into a cup and dip brush bristles into it
  • Gently brush teeth taking care not to ingest the baking soda
  • Gargle with water to remove any remaining particles then spit out

Mouth Wash

  • Mix baking soda in a cup with a small amount of water and stir to dissolve
  • Rise mouth out as you would with mouth wash for 30-60 seconds then spit out
  • Gargle with water to remove any remaining particles then spit out

You can repeat the brushing and mouth rinsing once daily until your breath has been restored to a natural state of freshness.  Keep in mind you do need to address the root cause at the same time for optimal benefit.  

Brush, floss, gargle, repeat.

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