Salmon - It's what's for dinner

Next to my desk sits a 15 gallon, fresh water tank that houses 5 Minnows, 6 Blue Neon’s, 2 Red Crystal Shrimp and a plethora of snails.  You’re probably wondering, “What’s the point and why should I care about your fish tank?”  The point is my little guys reminded me, in a long round about fashion, of the importance of consuming fish; especially wild salmon.  No I’m not ready to pluck one my fishies out and eat it.

Though this blog focuses primarily on recipes to help after something has occurred, we should also consider what we can do to discourage bad things from occurring in the first place.  One thing we can do is to consume appropriate foods to maintain a well balanced mind, body and spirit.  

I’m not a health nut by any means, but I do recommend you eat well at least 80% of the time as it does make a difference in how you feel.  For example, have you ever consumed a fast food beer battered fish, fries and a soda only to feel yucky about a half hour later?  Now what if you made that fish grilled, had a sensible side dish and had water or iced tea instead; you wouldn’t be feeling so gross now would you?

Now you may have heard how good it is to consume wild salmon, but didn’t quite pay attention as to why that was so.  Wild salmon is chock full of a multitude of vitamins, good protein and omega-3 fatty acids.  Where the bang for your buck comes from is the omega-3 (Health Benefits, n.d.):

  • Protect heart health
  • Reduce risk of sudden death from heart disease
  • Reduce risk of stroke
  • Reduce chance of heart disease in Type 2 Diabetes
  • Essential in infant brain and eye development during pregnancy and infancy
  • Improve blood lipid patterns
  • Improve blood vessel function
  • Improve symptoms of immune and inflammatory disorders such as rheumatoid arthritis, Chrone’s disease and some skin conditions
  • Reduce the risk of some mental disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease and depression

I’d say that is a pretty awesome list of reasons to grill up some salmon fillets.  For this type of dish I say the simpler the better; keep the teriyaki sauce, mayonnaise or any of the sort away and stick to good ole’ salt and pepper.  

As the Kitchen Cupboard Underground blogger I normally provide you with a how-to, but personally I’ve experienced nothing but dismal failure when trying to cook fish.  To make it up to you, I’m providing you a link (below) to a hilarious article on cooking salmon the right way.  

There’s one last tip to make that fish taste better; go and catch it yourself.  Nothing is sweeter than the fruits of your own labors.  

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