CAM Practitioner Interview – Lloyd Zimmerman

Today's post is something a bit different than the usual home remedies and natural wellness information usually featured here at Kitchen Cupboard Underground.  I’m excited to announce our first interview!  The goal is to provide you the opportunity to learn about alternative forms of medicine that are available to you on your journey of wellness.  

As noted in my Monday’s blog, this ties in to a three day workshop I attended this past Sunday through Tuesday on kinesiology.  The workshop was taught by world renowned Dr. Wayne W. Topping, Ph.D. on Stress Over Distress and Defusing Stuck Emotions.  These areas applied the use of kinesiology through, “the use of muscle testing biofeedback and noticing as tools to identify what is creating distress and to confirm when the stress has been defused” (Topping, 2004, p. 4).  

In layman’s terms, it means that you work with the individual’s body and statements to change a negative pattern in to a positive outcome.  Having witnessed firsthand how kinesiology works, I can say that it works and fast!  Though I won’t go in to detail of what I worked on, I was flooded with overwhelming emotions at the experience of moving past what I needed to.  

The organizer behind the amazing workshop was local complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) practitioner Lloyd Zimmerman of Absolute Wellness.   After the workshop Lloyd agreed to sit down for an interview.

1.    What do you do in your practice?
I utilize psycho neural immunology, which is emotional reprogramming of the immune system.  The purpose is to relieve people of their trauma.  It includes forgiveness and reprogramming your mind.  I also use epigenetics, which gets in to the effects of a person’s genetics; the patterns of trauma that happened to a person’s parents.  The trauma can live in different places of our body - liver, adrenal glands, etc.  It can create a genetic affect that has an expression on later generations.  

2.    What benefits can be expected from this therapy?
People can expect a clearing self from negative trauma from the past.  We work on the spiritual part first; providing deep, calming, transitional powers.  Using natural force healing to balance people with body, mind and spirit.  .  

3.    What are the risks, if any, associated with this therapy?
Zero.  It is a complimentary process.  I work on stress issues to make sure the body, mind and spirit are in line to heal and make the individual stronger.  Don't want underlying issues to self-sabotage the person.

4.    How long would an individual need to undergo treatment, or how many office visits would they need? 
Some people have instant results and some people come in a couple of times.  I spend a couple of hours with them on education and doing detective work.  The average doctor spends 15-20 minutes with you.  A person’s needs are like an onion, depends on how many layers you want to work on.  An individual needs to have faith in what they are doing.  

5.    What are the most common concerns that people come to you for in your practice?
Stress and how it is expressed in the body.  Helping people overcome their fears/phobias.  Working with deeply emotional blocked healing.

6.    How is your practice similar to conventional medicine?
It's not.  Both fields try to work in the best interest of the patient.  I work on education, what's going on, how long it's been going on and trying to tract the issue back to the underlying cause.  Both fields focus on how we make you feel better, work better.

7.    How is your practice different from conventional medicine?
It’s very different in that I spend a lot more time with the person working on invisible stuff; emotions, spirit, pain, why people don't feel good.  The people are in the loop with the therapy providing instant feedback; it’s non-invasive.  I’m working with their energy, what you can't see but feel.  

8.    How do you think alternative and conventional practitioners can work together better?
Better prevention; an ounce of prevention is a pound of cure.  If you're in good positive health, the less you need acute care.  One is prevention and the other is emergency medicine.

In interviewing Lloyd, it’s hard not to be impacted by his energy and passion for what he does as it’s easy to see that he genuinely cares about helping people. 

Learn more about complementary and alternative medicine at your local library.  The more you know, the better equipped you'll be to improve and maintain your natural wellness.

Topping, W. W. (2004). Stress Over Distress. United Kingdom: Topping International Institute, Inc.

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