Stretch Marks

Stretch marks can happen to men and women as a result of rapid weight gain/loss, medications, conditions or diseases, and for women it can mark the rite of passage to motherhood.  Stretch marks can vary in color and can include, “indented streaks or lines in the skin; multiple pink, red or purple streaks; and bright streaks that fade to a light pink, white or grayish color” (Symptoms, 2013).  

In our society of extreme demands of beauty, stretch marks are not acceptable.  In reality all they mean is that we are human and our bodies are not impervious to changes.  As for myself, unless I decide to run around in a bikini, I don’t much care if I have them as they are always covered; out of sight out of mind.  

Once a person has stretch marks, it is difficult to get rid of them.  What you can do is reduce the appearance of them through the diligent application of virgin coconut oil.  This wonderful oil is packed full of vitamin E, proteins and saturated fats that all aid in hydrating and healing the skin.  Whichever brand you opt to purchase, be sure to pick one that has been cold processed as heat processing strips the oil of many of its beneficial properties.

Stretch Mark Reducer

  • Virgin coconut oil


  • Apply sufficient coconut oil to the areas needed and massage in thoroughly (Take care to use only enough oil that your skin can absorb else you’ll be left feeling greasy).
  • Repeat this process daily if not twice a day for maximum results
  • Also be sure to drink plenty of water as it is immensely beneficial in hydrating our bodies

As with any home remedy, it takes time to see results so don’t give up after a few applications.  We didn’t get them overnight and can’t get rid of them within a matter of days.  Patience and diligence is key.  

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