Calgon, I Mean, Epsom salts, Take Me away!

Those of us in their late thirties and older may remember the now laughable commercial of the harried housewife; a pot of water boiling over, the phone ringing, her child running around like crazy.  In the midst of all this, she throws back her head, covers her ears in frustration and laments to the heavens with the plea of, “Calgon, take me away.”  Calgon was a bath soak that moisturized the skin and promoted relaxation.

Surprisingly you can still find Calgon for purchase on the internet.  Rather than go to all this trouble for a bit of nostalgia, you can skip checking your mailbox for the arrival of a blast from the past and head to your local pharmacy store to purchase an unassuming bag of Epsom salts. 

You may be just as surprised as I was to learn that Epsom salts are not actually a salt, but a mineral found in Surrey, England; I took for granted that if you called it a salt, it must be.  There’s a saying that goes, “ignorance is bliss but knowledge is power.”  What I mean by this is that the more knowledge we acquire, the more we equip ourselves with the power to help ourselves and others.

Epsom salts are powerful in that they offer us so many healing benefits.  I for one have used it in a bath for the sole purpose of easing muscle aches and pains.  Some of the other benefits are: easing stress and relaxing the body; helps prevent hardening of arteries and blood clots; relieves Athlete’s Foot; soothes sprains and bruises; eases the discomfort of gout; and exfoliates dead skin (Epsom Salt, n.d.)

You don’t have to be a harried housewife/husband to enjoy the benefits of Epsom salts.  All you need is...

Epsom Salt Bath Soak Recipe

  •  2 cups of Epsom salts
  • One tub full of warm water (temperature to your preference)

Add the salts to the water as the tub begins to fill.  Be sure to swish it around so that it dissolves prior to getting in as it does not make for a fun experience to sit down and have the salts bite your bum.  Once the bath is ready, get in, relax and enjoy all the therapeutic benefits Epsom salts have to offer!  Once the prune stage hits, drain the tub and wash your skin off. 

Epsom salts are just another example of nature in its finest!  Note to self…tub time is no longer just for kids!

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