Medicinal Smell Goods

So what does your mind conjure when you hear the word aromatherapy?  Is it the smelly candles that they light at spas while playing Yanni or Enya?  Yes and no.  It’s more than that.  

Aromatherapy is therapy through the use of aroma.  

Our sense of smell is so important that it’s one of the five senses that we use to navigate through life.  Imagine not being able to smell the food you eat.  You know what, it'd taste a lot different if you couldn’t smell it.  Our ability to smell tells us if food is spoiled and alerts us to hot smells, such as when you forgot to turn off the clothes-iron.

Smells can also be healing and soothing.  Healing: diffusing essential oils to soothe a headache or relieve cold symptoms.  Soothing: smelling chocolate cake cooking in an Easy Bake Oven.  

For those of you who don’t have kids and also don’t have a better explanation to friends and family as to why there is an Easy Bake Oven permanently stationed in your living-room other than, “but the blog said…”, a good alternative would be a diffuser.  A diffuser is a more socially acceptable way to enjoy the soothing benefits of aromatherapy and they come in all shapes, sizes, types and price points.  

The best thing to do is pick a diffuser that suits your taste and budget.  I have included this link ( to the pros and cons of various diffusers.  

Smell Good/Feel Good Recipe

  • Essential oil/aromatherapy diffuser
  • Essential oil of preference


  • Set up your diffuser per instructions
  • Add recommended amount of essential oil drops to diffuser
  • Sit back and reap the benefits

To start with, I recommend 100% pure Lavender and Eucalyptus essential oils; purchase the ones without additives/additional oils.  These two bottles can average about $10 or less each.  Lavender is soothing for the mind which can help with relaxation and headaches.  Eucalyptus is great to have on hand when someone is sick.

Word of caution, do not touch undiluted essential oils.  Although they are not corrosive or poisonous, they are highly concentrated and have the potential to irritate your skin.  If undiluted oils come in to contact with skin, simply wash with soap and water.  Always keep them out of reach of children.  

Come to the Zen side, we have aromatherapy.

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