Frogs and Warts

Remember as a kid, adults would say that you would get warts from playing with frogs?  Well for the longest time I believed them.  I say this as my older brother and I would play for hours in these huge puddles, whiling away the hours catching tadpoles, frogs and salamanders in the summer.  Low and behold I ended up with a wart on my left hand, left elbow and a right toe.  Why I ended up with warts in these places is beyond me.  Maybe frogs kissed me there, who knows.

Either way having even one in plain sight is the perfect storm for teasing and ridicule by other kids.  Thinking back, kids are pretty cruel because they lack a filter most adults have.  So being teased about having warts was quite the horrid experience when all one wants to do is just fit in.  

Ashamed of having warts I took matters, literally, in to my own hands.  I’ll spare you the yucky details, just know that I was persistent in removing them and remove them I did.  Rather than go to the lengths I did, there are simpler methods of treating warts.  Some include using bananas, basil, honey and potatoes.  A bit unappealing to think of applying food to a wart don’t you think?  Let’s try something else.

Dandelion Wart Removal

  • Dandelions (free of pesticides and away from high vehicle traffic areas)
  • Band-Aids


  • With scissors, snip the flower of the dandelion off and apply the sap from the stem to the wart only
  • Cover with a Band-Aid
  • Do this twice a day until the wart has dissolved

Remember that natural remedies can take a bit of time to work their magic on what ails you; so don’t expect results after just one application.  This process may take one to two weeks to see the desired results.  Dandelions have antibacterial properties so be sure to apply the sap to the wart only.

In the meantime, quit kissing frogs looking for your true love.  You’ll only end up with warts on your lips.

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