CAM Practitioner Interview – Jen George

Today’s interview is with alternative medicine (CAM) practitioner Jen George of Mystic Soulcraft - Physical, energetic and spiritual nourishment for women through coaching and energy-work.  The goal is to provide you, as a reader, the opportunity to learn about alternative forms of medicine that are available to you in your journey of wellness.  

I met Jen this spring through a mutual friend and have had the opportunity to visit with her on a few occasions at fairs we’ve both attended. Her vibe is one of confidence and she embodies a sense of calm, reassuring energy that fosters an immediate trust to open up to her. Should you meet Jen, I am positive that you will like her as much as I do.

1.    What is intuitive coaching and energy work?
Intuitive coaching is a holistic integrated life-coaching approach that helps clients reach clarity on their goals and dreams, while clearing physical, energetic and spiritual blocks getting in the way. Through a variety of resources and tools, I guide and assist clients to tune into what is calling to them from deep within while building trust and connection with their intuition. 

My energy work combines Reiki with a type of clearing ritual in the Mayan tradition called Maya Spiritual Healing. This session includes water, herbs, smudging and intention to clear stuck emotions or stagnation that can get in the way of leading a full, authentic life. 

2.    What made you interested in intuitive coaching and energy work?
My first training was in Shiatsu Therapy. Clients kept coming back with the same ailments and complaints. I realized the results would last longer when I included energy work. I remember having an ‘aha moment’ and realized I needed to go back to school. I had a deep desire to help clients incorporate self-care routines at home, not just during bodywork sessions.

3.    What kind of training or background is necessary for this type of profession?
I pieced it together. I went to massage therapy school along with a variety of energy-work trainings over the past 11 years. I also have a coaching certification and have studied Maya Spiritual Healing in Belize. 

4.    What benefits can be expected from this therapy?
More self-connection, self-empathy and self-love. Healthier relationships, more passion, deeper connection with your intuition. You can expect to feel more alive. 

5.    What are the risks, if any, associated with this therapy?
The risk is that your outer world might start looking different. You might see your friend group change or support team shift. Since this work helps to connect you with higher power and purpose, you may realize your career isn’t feeding you like it used to or your spiritual practice needs a revamp. I find that a lot of clients know what they want and need, but find it hard to make it happen. Getting support like this helps you take action.

6.    How long would an individual need to undergo treatment, or how many office visits would they need? 
For the intuitive coaching work, the most effective way to work is in 3 or 6 month programs. Since this is a holistic approach and we are looking at many areas of your life, it takes a little time to build that into a routine so it lasts.

Most often, the Maya Spiritual Healing session is a onetime session, although I’ve had clients working with some bigger blocks who have come back for several sessions.

Reiki varies from one time session to monthly. I offer an option to coaching clients to include Reiki treatments on a regular basis during the coaching since the energy-work is such a nice compliment to the coaching.

7.    What are the most common concerns that people come to you for in your practice?
Often clients have hit a breaking point. They don’t feel well and don't know how to get back on track. They're usually overwhelmed in several areas of their life. Sometimes they feel something is blocking them from finding their path but don't know what it is. There can be something coming up a lot lately and a client wants to reconnect with their spirituality and/or intuition but they don’t know where to begin. One thing everyone has in common is they are ready to feel better and they want support and tools to make it happen.

8.    Do you use other CAM therapies in your practice?
I use flower essence remedies and make individual, personalized tinctures that help shift imbalances on a subtle emotional level.

9.    How is your practice similar to conventional medicine?
There are some similarities between coaching and talk therapy but they’re very different. This is why I offer a complimentary consultation to make sure I am able to help clients in the best way possible and to make sure it's a good fit.

10.    How is your practice different from conventional medicine?
I believe that the client has the answer within them. I can help clear the fog by offering support, tools and energy-work to uncover what will help them regain balance, but they are the experts. I believe my job is to deeply listen, help connect clients with their intuition and to empower them. I haven't experienced that much in western medicine.

11.    What are the barriers you see existing between conventional and complementary medicine?
A lack of openness.

12.    How do you think alternative and conventional practitioners can work together better?
By having more of a conversation between the two would be beneficial. Creating a safe space where practitioners can feel like equals, have a conversation and share their knowledge. There needs to be more of focus on healing the root of the matter rather than the symptoms.

13.    What is your vision of the optimal health care system?
My optimal health care system would allow me to go to any qualified practitioner that works for me and have it covered. This would include energy work, acupuncture, massage, coaching, etc. I wish it all could be seen as equally effective. 

14.    Any words of advice for my blog readers?
Take at least 5 minutes a day and just be. Not only does it help bring more peace and calm into our daily lives but we are more likely to hear our intuition and those gentle nudges from spirit. Meditation is something that has changed my life dramatically.

If you are interested in meeting Jen for an appointment, you can reach her via her website:

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