Growing Pains

Growing pains are more than just going through an awkward phase.  For many children, they include actual muscle pain.  It is said that kids can experience growing pains either mildly and on up to painful enough to wake them up in the middle of the night. Unfortunately they were the bane of my existence as a child; leaving my nights haunted with the fear that one could strike at any moment. 

Growing pains often struck me while sleeping; causing me such pains that I would wake up crying for my dad as my leg would begin to fold under me. I remember him running in to my room, grabbing my leg and gently but firmly try to straighten it out. As I stood there crying and telling him how much it hurt, he would reassure me that I was ok and continue to massage my muscles.

Though quite a traumatic event for children; rest assured that they do grow out of it. Growing pains don’t necessarily occur daily and often arise in the later afternoon and on into bedtime. Pain can generally be felt in the calves, thighs and behind the knees. 

For immediate relief, massage your child’s legs with gentle pressure as the pain can leave their muscles quite tender. Also have them stretch out their legs for additional relief. Another thing you can do is to apply a warm compress to the area impacted which adds another level of physical reassurance.

Pain Away Recipe

  • Clean washcloth
  • Warm water


  1. Soak a washcloth in warm water, gently squeezing out the excess
  2. Apply directly to the site of pain for a few minutes or until the washcloth cools

Just your presence and loving attention goes a long way to making a child feel better; I know it did for me. It can help to tell your child what is going on so that way they don’t feel left in the dark as to why they are experiencing muscle pain for no apparent reason. 

Until next time, discover the healing power of your love.

This post is dedicated to my loving father, from your daughter.

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