Nosebleeds = Ice, Ice Baby

The two most common culprits of nosebleeds are dry air and, no surprise here, picking your nose. Some of the other common causes can include things from allergies, blood thinners, common colds, to trauma to the nose. Some of the lesser causes of nosebleeds can include alcohol use, leukemia and nasal surgery to name a few.

Delving in to this deeper, there are actually two types of nosebleeds. The first is anterior nosebleeds which account for the majority of the occurrences and the second is posterior nosebleeds. Anterior nosebleeds occur from a blood vessel on the nasal septum and can generally be remedied at home. Posterior ones occur more often in elderly people and occur from the artery in the back of the nose; these tend to require medical attention. 

Nothing is more frightening than realizing that your nose is bleeding, especially when nothing obvious happened to cause it. For children, a nosebleed can be quite traumatic. The few I’ve experienced have been from being in very dry environments such as Arizona and during the winter sitting next to a wood stove. Neither experience was fun. And admittedly I panicked a little.  Okay, I panicked a lot.  I ran around like the house like I was being chased by an axe murderer and dripped nose-blood everywhere. 

So, the first response is to calm the person down and have them pinch the soft end of their nose with a tissue, while having them lean slightly forward. Refrain from the person blowing their nose as you don’t want exert more pressure to the blood vessels. From here you will apply ice to the nose as it can quickly constrict the blood vessels, allowing the bleeding to slow to a stop.

Nosebleed Fix Recipe

  • Ice cubes
  • Clean washcloth


  • Wrap a few ice cubes in a washcloth and apply to the bridge of the nose for about 5-10 minutes or until the bleeding stops (Do not allow the ice to come in direct contact with the skin)

Easy squeezy right! Yes the nose will be cold after this so resist the temptation to apply heat as you’ll encourage the blood to flow again. Some things you can do to discourage nosebleeds is to take warm showers as this allows warm moisture to enter your nose, keeping it optimally moist. You can also run a humidifier or even purchase a saline water to spray in your nose; these can be found at your local pharmacy store.

Until next time, refrain from picking your nose.

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