Gift Card

Gift Card

from 15.00

Give the gift of natural wellness with Botanical Therapy e-gift cards. You can even include a personal message with the e-gift card and have it directly (and instantly) delivered to the recipient.

Our e-gift cards are transferable, refundable, and never expire.

**Please Note: Because each e-gift card is secured by a unique code and accompanied by a personal message, they are purchased instantly and separately from any other items in the shopping cart. Also, when purchasing e-gift cards, they must be purchased individually.**


Can I send my own message with the e-gift card?

Can e-gift cards be used for tax and shipping?

What if the purchase is less than the full value of the e-gift card?
The great thing about our e-gift cards is they can be reused until the balance is $0.00. This way you're never 'losing' money.

How long does it take for the e-gift card to arrive?
Our e-gift cards are delivered immediately as an email or printable .pdf. If you wish to purchase now, but have the e-gift card delivered later (for example a birthday). You should select the Email to You delivery option at checkout. You can can then forward the email or .pdf on the big day.

How do customers redeem a e-gift card?
The e-gift card code is redeemed at checkout. Click here for instructions.

Can I refund purchases made with an e-gift card?
Yes. Refunding a purchase made with an e-gift card adds the refunded amount to the e-gift card's balance.

Are e-gift cards restricted to certain items?
Nope. You can use them on everything in the shop.

What if I purchase an e-gift card, but change my mind?
Unused e-gift cards are fully refundable.

Do the e-gift cards look nice?
We think so. See the Sample e-Gift Card below.