100% natural, wellness and personal care products Made for You.

Natural Ingredients

100% Natural Ingredients

Plants have been used for physical and psychological well-being since the beginning of time. Botanical Therapy continues that tradition by selecting ingredients based on their beneficial properties. Your products are free of cosmetic additives, like titanium dioxide, and synthetics.


Handcrafted To Order

100% natural means no preservatives. And that means a shorter shelf-life. That's why your products are freshly handcrafted to order. We don't make your product until you order it. At Botanical Therapy your products are truly Made for You.

Botanical Therapy

Packaged In Quality

When it comes to essential oils, glass and metal is where it's at. That's why at Botanical Therapy, all your products are packaged in glass bottles and metal tins. Then everything is hand-wrapped and shipped to your door; anywhere in the world.

Commitment To Excellence

At Botanical Therapy, the well-being and care of the customer is our highest mission. Our in-house Certified Master Clinical Aromatherapist ensures stringent quality and attention to detail throughout the product formulation and creation process. This commitment to excellence allows Botanical Therapy to forge enduring relationships built upon knowledge, wellness and superior service for our customers and community.